How did the IT industry survive the virus? Why were there very few layoffs and LWPs for the employees of IT companies as compared to other Industries? How did people working in the IT industry adapt to new style of work? And how are people still being hired in IT companies? Ever had these questions? If yes, then your answer lies in the following paragraphs.   COVID 19 aka Corona Virus Disease has literally wreaked havoc in the world. Emerging from Wuhan, China in January 2020, it spread in the world like a wildfire. It affected every single country in the world and in March 2020, WHO declared it a Global Pandemic.   The virus spread among people even if a person merely came in contact of an infected person. This way the virus spread exponentially, putting sever pressure on the health infrastructure of the countries and their frontline health workers , leading the governments of nearly every country of the world to take drastic steps to control the spread of the virus. The term ‘ LOCKDO